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friday night

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friday night

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friday night

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friday night

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new year

Happy New Year to all DC followers!

Just wanted to give a quick update. I haven’t posted here in a L-O-N-G time and I hope to change that as one of my New Year’s resolutions…we’ll see.

For now, let me say that I’m lucky to have been approached by my friend Dave to join forces and write on a new site.

With the coming year, I think I’ll be changing the topics on DC a bit and keep writing about design and business on the new one.

Please go check it out and post your thoughts!


Blueprint for Design

Posted by: matt | September 2, 2009

3/50 Project

You want to know a great way to help your local economy? Yep, that’s right, get out there and Help Your Local Economy!!

Make an effort to buy goods and services from your independent retailers and service providers!

The 3/50 Challenge proposes that you spend a total of at least $50 a month at three different locally owned businesses that you want to keep around.

If you have a local grocer, make an effort to buy some of your groceries from them. If you have a favorite local restaurant, make an effort to visit them on a regular basis.

Every little bit helps!

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best architectural bookstore in the world

Best Architectural Bookstore in the World!

Prairie Avenue Bookshop

I went to college in Chicago, the best city to study Architecture. We had the downtown as our laboratory, discovering and learning block after block.

Our professors made sure we had plenty of studio projects in downtown and the adjacent neighborhoods.

Well, if downtown was our playground. Prairie Avenue Bookshop was truly our library. You see, while other college majors bought their books at the college bookstore, we did not. We were prescribed our tailored list of architecture books, usually in some off hour, deep in a studio crit. Typically, after a professor had a chance to evaluate our standing and competence. Then, we were whispered, “Hey, you should check out Morphosis’ latest or maybe Steven Holl…” After receiving the “suggestion” we automatically knew where to go, Prairie Avenue.
What can I say. Every visit was met with some incredible find. That one book to mold you into what you are, or aren’t, today.

I owe a lot to that bookstore. And, I read a disturbing story from the Chicago Tribune today.

It seems that Prairie Avenue may be forced to close soon…too soon.

So, here’s where I come in with the pitch: Okay everybody, scratch your head and see if you can help make a diference!

Any ideas??

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I Want It

First off, I apologize for the extended leave of absence. I have no good reason, just took a breather.


So, who wants to buy this old firehouse for me??

Okay, I’ve been eyeing this place for the last…well, it’s been a really long time.

When I was in college, I stumbled upon this gem.  It’s located in an industrial area of Chicago and still has all the old-school charm entact. It just needs a little creative TLC.

Many days I thought how cool it would be to have a cafe on the ground floor, spilling out onto the sidewalk. Of course, the upstairs would have to be reserved for an office/studio…

But, all the planning has to stay in a daydream. It looks to still be used by the department for some other purposes.

Have any cool old buildings to share?

Posted by: matt | May 28, 2009


So, I had the chance to get away for a few weeks and truly disconnect.  It was scary at first, no cell phone, e-mail, facebook, twitter, txting…

My good friend Dave recommended this book, Endurance to me.  A story about some guy and his crew sailing somewhere cold, or something.

Well, the book was great! I started reading it one night, thinking I would fall asleep within a few minutes. Next thing I know, it’s four hours later and I’m almost half way through.

The highlight for me was finishing the book in the middle of the night all alone with the family in a scary castle, now hotel, and I mean we were all alone…

I won’t get into any of the story’s details. But, I do highly recommend reading it! Alone, if you can.

Posted by: matt | April 29, 2009

mobile office


There’s no way around it. I spend way too much time in coffee shops. It’s where I go to get things done, for meetings, or just to read.  

I’m amazed at how much business actually occurs in a cafe.  As I look around, I see people in business mode as well as high schoolers doing homework.

I’ve wondered, besides wifi, what else should a great coffee shop offer it’s customers??

Any ideas?

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