Posted by: matt | April 29, 2009

mobile office


There’s no way around it. I spend way too much time in coffee shops. It’s where I go to get things done, for meetings, or just to read.  

I’m amazed at how much business actually occurs in a cafe.  As I look around, I see people in business mode as well as high schoolers doing homework.

I’ve wondered, besides wifi, what else should a great coffee shop offer it’s customers??

Any ideas?


  1. Books, an open space, an understanding that people might just buy one drink but be there for hours on end.

    Whenever you’re in the city, I recommend that you visit Noble Tree. Awesome coffee shop in which to get things done.

  2. Put a FedEx Kinkos next to a coffee shop and take out the wall between them.

    Nuff said.

  3. I likewise spend much time in a coffee shop. There are two items lacking in a coffee shop. The lack of a nearby plug in interrupts my work marathon and sends me scurrying, and perhaps a private talk room where you can heat up the phone. Other than that they are perfect. I don’t desire to be waited on and the lack of large meals is a plus unless a food coma is on the agenda.

  4. I think it is a holdover from the old libraries. You could sit on a Saturday afternoon in old stuffed leather chair and read to go wherever you wanted to while the overhead fan rotated slowly giving just a small breeze. The libraries where I went were not jammed in the summer, but those of us who enjoyed books and reading were right at home and everyone there liked what you liked and was your friend. Otherwise it was your own secret world.

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