Posted by: matt | April 6, 2009

sketchcrawl April 11 2009

This coming Saturday is the next Global Sketchcrawl. You might be wondering why you should care.

Well, I have no idea…  Actually, I do. 

It’s an opportunity to be part of something much much bigger. People all around the globe will be going outside and sketching what they see.  Creating a graphic documentation of what was here on Saturday, April 11, 2009. And, you can be part of it. Just go to to learn more about it.

Now a little history, I have been promising myself since college, like over 10 years, that I would get back into sketching. And, if you’re looking at this post on my blog, you’ll notice my flickr badge to the right with a link to some of my sketches.  They’re not pretty. But, they are a start. I’ve learned that the best teachers are practice and studying others. I hope to keep up with the craft and get more sketches online.

But, I encourage you to get out there Saturday and use this event as an excuse to get in, too. Heck, you can blame me if you want. I don’t care, just get out there and sketch!

Any thoughts or words of encouragement you would like to share with the class?



  1. What is your plan? Where are you going to go sketch? I think it sounds like fun.

  2. I would like to walk around a local downtown. Maybe midday, any suggestions?

  3. I had no idea you were such a good sketcher. I’ve had the same promise to myself that I would start drawing again for a few years. You may have inspired me some…

  4. Dave, thank you for the kind words. I hope to improve with practice. Just taking my time and trying to be consistent. You should post your stuff too!!

  5. The inside of the new Bartlett Arts center has been remodeled from the old coffee shop and has some very interesting lines. The outside would be interesting to sketch also. Maybe the old Ace hardware store. It is an older generation building and has some interesting lines and lighting. I can not sketch but a little photography.

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