Posted by: matt | March 2, 2009

be heard

the best breakfast ever.

Have you ever been out to dinner, had a great meal, walked out and grabbed your cell phone just to stare at it? Asking yourself, “Who should I phone first?” I mean really be taken back, all deer-in-the-headlights, because you wanted all your friends and family to know about this awesome restaurant, that’s priced great… 

That’s what social media is all about.  Let me change things up a bit with that scenario.

What if you left the place, grabbed the blackberry, logged onto facebook, updated your status giving a quick blurb. Jumped over to brightkite, checking in at this fine place, then jumped over to twitter to do some more of the same and ending your musing in front of your computer, giving a nice detailed update on your blog.

Sounds crazy? Maybe. Will there be more and more tools to share your thoughts and life with everyone, I’ll bet on it.

So, a decision has to be made. Do you start getting your feet wet now, or miss out on that great meal??

I’ll start to share my thoughts about what I use.

But, please share yours, too!


  1. Mmm. That was a good breakfast. People might want to know where the picture was taken. For those who read the comments it was Bluebird Cafe in New Orleans. Love, Mrs. F

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