Posted by: matt | February 16, 2009

begging all weekend warriors – back away from that power tool


Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding Magazine (Love it)

You know it’s coming. In another few weeks, we’ll start climbing out of our winter slumber. Hammer in hand, not sure what to hit first, you just know sawdust needs to be a flyin’. Please, I beg you, think before you have at it.

If it involves a chainsaw on a pole, ask yourself, “Am I qualified to use this tool?” You know, there are some great craftsmen who are more than able to do the job at a reasonable price.

I know I’m not perfect and not every job requires a professional. But, please be careful and ask someone first!

Our building departments are here for a reason. They are here to help.

So, always ask if you need a permit!

Can anyone share their own weekend warrior stories?



  1. Matthew,

    Can’t expect people that have jobs that have no begining or end – just the process of work – to not embrace the hammer and sawzall for a weekend project that has a definable begining and end. The feeling of satisfaction that something they did was done, and possible made better than what was preexisting, is overwhelming.

    Have lived in my 1895 Victorian home now for 22 years. When we bought it we had to reconvert from an apartment house to a single family dwelling. My wife and I have rehabbed 14 out of 15 rooms, had new roofs put on the house and one of two outbuildings, and pulled up sidewalks and replaced them.

    Only work subbed out was jobs requiring ladders. Most of the rest of the work was moving doorways, repairing plaster, putting in walls to put in poorly placed doorways, tearing out kitchens, etc. Mainly undoing the work of an unemployed, poorly trained family member. Only have 1 room left – the laundry room and sanding and finishing the floors. Can’t wait.


  2. As a contractor myself, I run across many weekend warriors. Luckily for me most that call me realize they need a professional. I perhaps myself can be that weekend warrior at times. In my early days I had many of those “learning experiences.” Thanks for the great article though. Dave from Rhyolite Design directed me to your blog and I am going to come back often. Thanks

  3. Carl, you have a point there. At least you stuck to the ground stuff. I once had a client who was going to add dormers himself, with no prior framing experience…
    Chris, thanks for the comment! Glad to have a professional sharing an opinion!

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