Posted by: matt | February 13, 2009

flying the friendly skies

Now I’m not going to name any names, but when did flying get so bad?

I recently visited some family and had the pleasure to take a plane ride. I love to fly. I started flying later in life, during college. I used to get dressed up, shirt and tie, to catch a flight.

Back then, everyone was nice and respectful, not just the airline people, but even the passengers.

This last round trip was anything but nice.  We had problems with the flight down and more troubles with the flight back.

Coming home, we had a security person tell my wife that my two year old should be leashed! Say what??

And, am I missing something? Getting on my architectural soap box, has the airports gotten more and more rundown? You know, just like your home, carpeting needs to be replaced and walls need to be painted every once and a while!

Well, I feel that no matter how much you complain, you still need them more than they need you. So, see ya next flight!

Any bad flying stories you want to share?



  1. I agree, the only person that should be on a leash is you!

  2. Steve, I agree…I think.

  3. Just got back from Toronto. O’Hare and Pearson equally stink, Pearson was oddly cleaner (no doubt due to much less people)…if any remodeling is done, they need to include FREE WIFI and power outlets so that I’m not bored out of my freaking pants when my flight is delayed 3+ times/4+ hours……..but that might actually eat into the delay-pay for wifi racket they’re currently running.

    Sorry about the whining….the frontal lobes have been taking a beating lately.

  4. Tom, that’s a good point.
    Does O’hare have free WIFI? I know there were announcements about WIFI. But, I wondered if it was free??

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