Posted by: matt | July 23, 2008

latest addiction

My friend Dave got me hooked on this great new free internet radio station, Pandora.
I love it, you select an artist, it’ll play a track by them, then it finds similar music to keep playing.
My problem is that I get sick of my CD’s and the radio fairly quickly.
So far, its played some great music and it keeps me busy!
What’s your favorite music?



  1. At the current moment I am addicted to Sirius. I recently have had the chance to play with their latest model that allows you to record music that plays on the radio and stores it into memory. (although some songs are not allowed to record) It is like old school cassette tapes, like when you would hear a couple notes then try and hit record as fast as you can to tape the song.

  2. Steve, it’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen when XM and Sirius finally merge!

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