Posted by: matt | May 19, 2008

flexible displays

You may think it’s all Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon, but it’s coming. Hopefully sooner than later, flexible displays will be on the market. It would be great to plug in a large sheet, similar to your normal drawing size, and download a full set of drawings. Or, being able to sit on the train and have the latest news uploaded to your paper automatically.
Think of all the paper we would save!!

How would you better from a flexible display?



  1. Flexible OLEDs are only 1/2 of the equation. The other missing part is the lack of internet everywhere, such as Wi-Max. But I fear that the conservative principles of society + the almighty dollar will prevent the U.S. from ever making this a reality.

  2. mmm WIMAX, I’ve got my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed with anticipation…

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