Posted by: matt | May 12, 2008

who needs an architect anyways…

I watch all those shows just like you. Enjoying the flippers, fixers and do-it-yourselfer’s that not only dare to do it themselves, but have the guts to take us along for the ride. It’s too bad that the only time I see the architect or “designer” is when something gets screwed up and they need someone to blame.

Now really, can’t we all just get along? Aren’t we, the party-poopers, I mean, architects, here to help things along? Aren’t those pretty drawings that we spend hours and hours preparing serving a purpose? Or, do they make for great napkins, soaking up pizza grease from the all nighters??

I’ve been fortunate to have some great clients that appreciate my help. I’m happy to say they’re still my friends, too. I think it’s time we had some real shows giving us a chance to strut our stuff. You know, not every architect has an unyielding ego, or doesn’t think about the program and budget.

Would that make for good television?



  1. Hey Matt,
    it’s funny how in all those shows, we see the builder designing all those great spaces. I just wonder how they have the time to create all those fantastic 3D rendering and animation and
    still find the time to film the shows.

    Oh, I know, they have us Architects do it, but don’t give us any credit. We design all that stuff but don’t even get a word in for the public….

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