Posted by: matt | May 3, 2008

the big move

So, not sure if there’s anyone I missed. But, I have officially moved my office! I’m now much closer to home. Hope to save some dough on gas. It scares me to see us creeping closer to $4 a gallon. I think it’s a trend that won’t be slowing up anytime soon. But, I digress…

The move was smooth. (and rhymie) I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to rent from a really great architect for a little of a year now. I had a place to start my journey and play as much ping-pong as I could handle! What a great experience with some really talented individuals.

But, I was offered a chance to move my office into the town I love and with possibilities a bound. I’m now sharing space with some really nice people from other professions. Though, I kinda feel like someone pulled off my training wheels. I’ll miss not being able to walk across the office and ask all my stupid questions. (Now, I’ll have to save them up for the next time I visit the old place.)

I’ve still got my chin up and my nose pressed against the grind stone.


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