Posted by: matt | March 1, 2008

let it snow

Wow, do I love snow. . . in December.


On the way in, I heard we’re in for more snow early next week. This may not be the heaviest snow season, but it’s got to be one of the most frequent. I give all the snow removal companies credit. They deserve a good season, but really, it’s gotta end.

So, I propose starting a petition. Whoever’s ready for our three days of spring, before our oppresive summer’s heat spells begin, please chime in!


  1. I have mixed feelings on this one. My front yard and driveway are a mud hole, so the snow does good to cover up the mess. However, nearly falling and breaking my neck constantly on the ice in my driveway is no fun.

    There really is only two seasons, Summer and Winter.

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