Posted by: matt | February 8, 2015

Spinning Round and Round

These things scared me when I was little. But, I’ve grown to appreciate their efficiency and beauty. Here’s a great episode from 99% Invisible focusing on the Revolving Door.

99% Invisible – Revolving Doors

Posted by: matt | December 22, 2013

Being Inspired

Posted by: matt | September 22, 2013



Posted by: matt | October 12, 2011


20111012-091338.jpg It’s amazing how fast the leaves fell this fall. It’s too bad they all fell in my backyard.
Thought I should do a quick sketch to enjoy this weather.
And, I can’t believe I finally filled up the sketchbook. It’ll be nice to start a new one!

Posted by: matt | September 25, 2011

Fall Cleanup


Every year I plan to make my fall cleanup the best it’s ever been. Then fall comes and I find ways to put it off. Like this, figured I could waste some time drawing than mowing.

Posted by: matt | September 9, 2011



It’s amazing how fast the week goes by. Figured I would force myself to sit down to do some sketching.
There’s rain in the forecast. But, now just clouds linger with temps in the mid 60’s.
Start of a beautiful day.

Posted by: matt | February 18, 2011


Melting snow.

Posted by: matt | April 5, 2010

monday afternoon

Posted by: matt | March 19, 2010

friday night

Posted by: matt | March 12, 2010

friday night

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